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Exciting Fun Dives

An exciting and unexpectedly pleasant experience awaits you at the sea bottom of Halki. The warm waters that reach 29oC in summer and do not fall below 16oC in winter, the crystal clear 30-40 meters in combination with the morphology of the seabed and the variety of marine life, make Halki one of the best diving destinations in Hellas. Due to its geographical location at the sea bottom of Halki you can admire a wide variety of foreign species from the Red Sea and the most beautiful species in the Mediterranean.

Diving for all levels

For the safety and fun of our customers, we offer high quality diving in a variety of diving spots that cover any diver’s level with diving routes from 6 meters for beginners up to 30+ meters for experienced divers.




Get to know a part of the story up close. Visit the wreck of the HALKI, a transport ship that previously transported visitors and goods from Rhodes to Halki. The shipwreck is easy to visit for all levels of divers as its maximum depth is 15 meters. Also visit other shipwrecks in the surrounding area that reach up to 30+ meters.

Pass through the underwater canyon of Halki which starts at 7 and ends at 23 meters, feel the adrenaline rising as the rocks close to the surface creating a small arch.

Enjoy diving in the wonderful caves of the island. Experience the mystery in the small or larger caves, where the largest starts from the surface and the part that has been explored reaches a depth of 15 meters. The entrance to the deepest is a crack in the rock at a depth of 17 meters. Diving in caves it always depends on diver's skills.


Night Dives

Experience a unique experience by choosing the night dive! It is fantastic but in Halki it is truly a unique experience!!! A new world appears in front of you. Seabed creatures welcomes you to their home, they stop hunting for food for a while and process the divers. Many of them will touch you on their own while others will let you caress them. With a bit of luck, you will see in front of your eyes, like in a documentary, cuttlefish, caterpillars, octopuses and others are already hunting and catching their food.


Trust your training in the hands of experienced and award-winning PADI instructors with the Certificate to Excellent for their educational skills!!! Training a diver is a crucial matter for us, as it will accompany him throughout his diving life. We provide high quality services and for better assimilation of diving practices we usually prefer training to be done with private lessons with a diver and the instructor, apart from the training sections that require the existence of other divers.



In Halki you can realize one of the dreams of all divers. Be the first to explore a new diving route and feel the exciting feeling of discovery. Due to the vast sea area that surrounds the island, there are many places that remain unexplored. Take part in diving exploration of new diving spots, discover the well-judged secrets of the seabed and feel the thrill of naming a new diving spot.


Fun dive: 60€

Night dive: 80€


- One dive from coast

-All the diving equipment

-Diving insurance

-All the underwater photos

Double dive

from boat: from 140€



- Two dives a day

-All the diving equipment

-Diving insurance

-All the underwater photos

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