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Discover the Majestic
Alimia Island

Our Private Cruise guarantees vast doses of relaxation, culture and unique moments!

We departure from Chalki harbor or Kamiros Skala harbor. Within a beautiful and enjoyable boat trip, we reach the uninhabited island of Alimia. As we arrive at the entrance to the big gulf of Alimia, our cruise begins with a historical review of the island with the great history.


At the top of the mountain we face the castle of Alimia where it was built in 1475 by the Knights Hospitaller. 

The gulf of Alimia is considered the largest natural harbor in the Mediterranean Sea. During the Second World War it was used as a naval base from the Italians for submarines and hydroplanes. 

Alimia gulf island.jpg
Alimia island.jpg

Alimia has been included in the European network "Natura 2000" as a Special Protection Area (SPA). 

The special beauty of the island and the special feeling of freedom enjoyed by visitors have attracted important personalities from all over the world who wanted to buy it or at least rent it as their personal island.

The King of the United Kingdom Charles III with Queen Camilla on one of their last trips to Greece chose the island for their private vacation.

Also in Alimia happened the shooting of the famous TV survival game "The Island" which is displayed in more than five European countries.

Alimia wreck crane.JPG

Underwater secrets

At our first stop you will have the opportunity to discover the secrets of the seabed.. With the snorkeling equipment we offer you, you will have the opportunity to admire two magnificent shipwrecks located on the Alimia. The first is the  transport ship "Halki" that previously transported visitors and goods from Rhodes to Chalki. While the second is a submerged crane on a big platform. 

Υou will also have the opportunity to relax on the boat, taste the wonderful fruit salad and drinks offered by our crew and feel the coolness of the Aegean breeze.

Alimia wreck.JPG
Alimia island lake.png

Guided tour of Agios Georgios

Our cruise continues heading towards the long beach of Alimia.


After a short but beautiful walk through the low trees, you will have the opportunity to see one of the largest brackish lakes in the Balkans up close.

Then the program includes a guided tour of the uninhabited Old Village and the place around of Saint George.

All the area there was deserted. But in the first years of covid and lockdown, a believer together with some his friends started the reconstruction of the Saint George church, the area and buildings around the church. 

Alimia agios georgios.png
Alimia beach.jpg
Alimia cruise.jpg
Agios minas Alimia.jpg
Alimia island rent a boat.jpg

Saint Minas Bay

The last stop is at Saint Minas Bay.

You will have time to relax, enjoy swimming at the crystal water and taste the delicious snacks which our chef will prepare for you.


You will also have the opportunity to explore the buildings of the old Italian base as well as the small church of Agios Minas. A wonderful little church built on top off the sea.

alimia agios minas island.jpg

For This Trip


Cruise time: 5 hours

(10:00 - 15:00 or 15:00 - 20:00 )


  • Skipper and Crew

  • Snack or Meal (Shrimp Spaghetti or Mix Grill) depends the Program

  • Bottle Οf Wine (Depends the Program)

  • Fruit Salad

  • Refreshments

  • Beers

  • Cool Beverages

  • Beach Towels

  • Snorkeling equipment

  • Fresh Water For Shower

  • Shampoo and Shower Gel

  • And more (check the programs list)

All of our cruise programs and services can be tailor - made matched to your wishes and needs!!

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