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The small paradise of the Greece

Under the Aegean sunlight and spread across the blue sea, a genuine inviting Greek smile emerges amongst the islands of the Dodecanese.

Chalki, small though it may be, is a glorious land, ready to reveal its genuine treasures to you. It is obvious from the moment you cast your eyes on the gorgeous harbour and the only hamlet of the island, Nimporio. The absence of vehicles, the serenity which has settled over the entire island and the romantic atmosphere enthralls the visitor.

Everything moves at a relaxed pace, set by the laid-back attitude of its locals. You will enjoy walks in the stone-paved alleys amongst stately homes and restored houses, coloured with a painter’s full palette; dive into limpid waters; take time out with ouzo or retsina and savour the traditional culinary fare. And as for the people themselves, they are characterized by their friendliness and innate kindness, respect their island and have resisted the march of modern tourism.

Wander around the alleyways of Nimporio

The sun-drenched two and three-storey houses of the picturesque hamlet with the colourful walls and tiled roofs look like little boats anchored in the bay.

Wander around the alleyways and enjoy delicious smells from the famous "makarounia" of Halki, handmade pasta, laid out in the sun to dry. Ask a local to give you some prickly pears, fruit of unique taste found everywhere on the island and the excellent Halkitiko shrimp


See the church of Agios Nikolaos, the patron saint of the island, with the majestic steeple and the carved wooden icon screen, and take a deep breath in its ornately paved courtyard with the traditional “hohlakia”, beach pebbles. Pause for a while at the Townhall, an old stately home with its splendid clock tower. A walk around Nimporio will leave your heart brimming with peaceful thoughts and ineffable joy.

Things to do in Chalki

The dreamlike beaches of Chalki

Beaches for all tastes !! The island has 3 organized beaches , Ftenagia, Pontamo and Kania. Each one, with a different morphology (rocky, sandy beach and small pebbles) you can reach on foot or by the small bus that starts from Piatsa (the center) of Nimporio. In all three you will find a restaurant, bar and sun loungers. There are still many other deserted beaches such as Yali, Tracheia, Areta, Dyo Gialoi where you can reach through small paths or mainly by boat. All of them are famous for the crystal clear waters.
You can also swim at the island's hotel (Aretanassa Hotel) which is located by the seaside on the left of Nimbori and has as a pool the Aegean.

Monastery of Agios Ioannis  Alargas

“Alarga” means “far” and this monastery in Stafia is indeed some distance from both Palio Horio and the sea. You can get there after an hour and a half’s hike crossing bare land with dry stone walls and huts, fragrant herbs clinging to the rocky ground and a scattering of fig and prickly pear trees. On August 29th the monastery is thronging with pilgrims who come to take part in the 2 days biggest celebration on the island and are generously accommodated in the monks’ cells. Under the high cypress tree, they eat, sing and dance “sousta” until the morning. While the next day at 29 the procession of his image takes place in Nimborio and in the evening the big festival begins in the piatsa until the sun rises.

The Castle of the Knights

Horio – The Castle of the Knights

Perched on a hill 2.5 km from the harbor is Horio, the old capital of the island. In the ruins of the abandoned houses is concealed the Glory of Halki.

From the church of Panagia Horiani with its exquisite curved masonry, you can follow the path that leads to the Castle of the Knights. Its interior is full of fascinating ruins and the Temple of Agios Nikolaos still stands with frescos from the 15th and 17th centuries. From the fortress you can admire the wonderful view to the Karpathian sea.

Alimia islet

Either by private boat or by caique from Nimporio, a day trip to Alimia, an islet in the sea between Chalki and Rhodes, is well worth it. At the large beach you will have your fill of swimming and diving in the blue waters, while further inland you can make out the ruins of the old hamlet and at a short distance from the shore you can see the salt water lake. In Alimia you can also find one of the shipwrecks that we visit  for diving and snorkeling.

Monastery of Taxiarhis Mihael Palarniotis

In contrast to the stark mountainous landscape of the island, the Monastery is surrounded by trees and affords a panoramic view. If you enjoy hiking, you can get to the Monastery on the footpath starting from Nimporio and crossing Horio.

From Palarniotis starts a trail towards Agios Georgios Riakiou passing through the ruins of medieval churches, dry stone walls and abandoned windmills.

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