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Coming Soon..

Details for this Service coming soon.

Contact us +30 6943117220

More Services

Tailor made services to suit any need and mood!

For us, every customer is unique like our special private boat services! So in addition to visiting and exploring the  wonderful beaches, you can furthermore mix and match our boat and the sea in various events and services. Experience the unique hospitality and the unforgettable moments that only Chalki Dive Center can offer you!

And More..

Aside from the servises already mentioned, there are still a lot more or different combinations that you can avail from us, making our services the best in the industry.

Our expert team can handle the planning and customize every our program it after we hear what your specific requirements are.

Contact Us Now for all the details or call +30 6943117220

Halki Private Cruise

Private Cruise


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VIP Transfer

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Luxury Private Cruise


Sunset - Night Cruise

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Day Trip

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Boat Party


1 Hour Trip

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