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Discover A Secret Paradise

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Areta - Small Canyon

Our Private Cruise guarantees vast doses of relaxation, culture and unique moments!

We departure from Chalki harbor or Kamiros Skala harbor. Within a beautiful and enjoyable boat trip, we reach the magnificent Areta Beach.

Areta is one of the most famous beaches of Chalki with turquoise waters. You will have time to swim in the crystal clear waters, sunbathe on the beautiful beach with white stones, stroll around the coast and enjoy your stay on the boat with drink and snack that we will serve you.

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It is surrounded by monolithic mountains, steep, with their summit reaching a height of 400 meters. Somewhere in the middle of the slope there is a large cave and around it live free sheep and wild goats. Legend has it that this is Cyclopes Bay, from Homer's Odyssey. Up there in the cave lived Polyphemus, these are his sheep, in there he ate Odysseus's companions, in there he got drunk and blinded by the king of Ithaca. A few meters from the shore, in the sea, there is a rock which, according to legend, is the rock that Polyphemus had once thrown to sink the boat that "Nobody" took!!

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After leaving Areta we head to explore a unique place, the Small Canyon. One small gulf without beach but with a shallow canyon. A forgotten place with a huge history, it is probably one of the best spots in Chalki...

Small Canyon or Kellia (Cells)..

There is a shallow cave just above sea level that was used as a hermitage from Early Christian period about 6th century. In a cavity at the back
of the cave which is isolated from the rest of the space by a low wall are some quite well preserved wall-paintings.
The wall-paintings in the cave depict the young Christ Emmanuel between the archangels Michael and Gabriel and martyrs, with a gem-studded halo adorned with crosses and holding a staff in his left hand. To his left are preserved the archangel Michael and St Faustus or Faustinus and St
Kirykos, the last holding a wreath in his hand. To Christ's right is preserved the name of the archangel Gabriel, with the halo of another saint next to it. The representation is en-closed by a garland of red flowers and dark-green leaves.

The room at the north of the built cell, overlooking the sea, has been arranged as a 'church' and bears traces of two layers of wall-paintings. To the first belongs the quite fugitive, bulky figure of a full-length military saint. Of the second layer, the fine head of St Andrew is preserved, with
his name. He recalls the saint of the same name in Santa Maria Antiqua in Rome, which dates from the early 8th century.

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For last stop  you can choose, between Kania Beach or Ftenagia Beach! Choose what you prefer more between two wonderful beaches with crystal water for a last dive and some more unforgettable moments!!

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For This Trip


Cruise time: 5 hours ( 10:00 - 15:00 or 15:00 - 19:00 )


  • Skipper and Crew

  • Snack or Meal (Shrimp Spaghetti or Mix Grill) depends the Program

  • Bottle Οf Wine (Depends the Program)

  • Fruit Salad

  • Refreshments

  • Beers

  • Cool Beverages

  • Beach Towels

  • Snorkeling equipment

  • Fresh Water For Shower

  • Shampoo and Shower Gel

  • And more (check the programs list)

All of our cruise programs and services can be tailor - made matched to your wishes and needs!!


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